Modalal Industrial Group under superior responsibility of  Mr Javad Modalal decided to construct a cement factory in 2004 on the kilometer 12 of Kermanshah to west Eslam abad road as the West Saman Cement not only to respond the domestic requirement but also to answer the increasing demands of the neighboring countries especially Iraq.


Several  investigations regarding the study of the  land and raw materials were taking placed  in order to  finding exact place of the factory that it was established in a land with a area of 100 hectare in 200 meters distance to the main mines.The permanent environmental quality and  development had been our major objectives from the  beginning  and  this  is the reason for our high accuracy in selection of project's facilities providers. We were updated with the latest technologies to represent a high quality product that is worth our customers. West Saman Cement Industries contains 2 manufacture lines each one 3500 tons clinker a day. It has the capacity of 10000 tons cement production and loading.

 Its establishment initiated in 2004 November and after 36 months of uninterrupted working the first line in 1389 November and the second line was exploited one month later that was a new record in cement factory construction in the country. The crusher unit with 2 hammer rotor with 1600 tons per hour is the largest crusher in Iran and the mixture hall with 528 meters length having 4 piles capacity for each 30000 tons totally 120000 tons has being assumed and there is a stacker with 2000 tons per hour and 2 reclaimers with 450 ton for each in this hall that have the duty to feed the material mills. The mills of the both lines are rolling type and each one has 300 tons per hour grinding capacity. The kiln department 1 has the capacity of 3500 tons clinker daily and there are 3 ball mills in the cement production part each one has the capacity of 160 tons per hour that the ability of producing and grinding in these 3 departments are up to 10000 tons with preservation of energy management consideration. In the loading hall there are 4 bulk loading lines each one 200 tons per hour and 4 rotor-packers with the capacity of 150t/h for packaging the cement. According to these capacities all the customers orders will be provided soon in bulk or package form.

West Saman Cement has achieved successfully all the existing domestic standards in cement industry and a little time after could successfully obtained international standards ISO 9001:2008 from SGS Switzerland Company and then could gloriously receive ISIRI 13000 for the first time in the industry that is a comprehensive standard including OHSAS18001, 5s, IMS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2008, and energy management, etc.