Saman Gharb Cement Company is one of the largest producers and suppliers of various gray cements that is located in Kermanshah province. This company with two production lines , each with a capacity of 3,500 tons per day , believes in process-based and risk based thought , and has taken agreat step to wards improving and maintaining of the organization's performance in product quality , the organization's ability to enhance customer satisfaction , environmental , safety and professional health performance , health of the employees  , as well as the optimal use of energy to comply with applicable legaland rules requirement.Therefore,the organization undertakes to observe the following:


1- Continuous improvement of quality management system ,considering the legal requirements , needs , and applicable rules of customers;

2- Special attention to the production of cement with appropriate productivity to be more active in domestic and foreign markets;

3- Satisfying needs,applicable expectations and compliance requirements of the beneficiary parties ;

4- Following the necessary preventive measures by controlling undesirable effects and increasing the desired effects with process-based and risk-based thought;

5- Establishing proper infrastructures to achieve the goals of producing cements , and different grey cements;

6- Applying skills and developing human resource capabilities in the form of an appropriate organizational structure for continuous improvement of all processes and in line with the mission of the organization through targeted training;

7- Promote motivation and participation of the employees through employees participation system and improvement of workquality

8- Protection of environment according to the nature of the organization , including pollution prevention and continuous improvement of the environmental management system;

9- Prevention of injury and disease , continuous improvement of the safety management system and occupational health and safety of employees;

10- Commitment to meeting legal requirements , applicable rules and compliance requirements of quality , environmental aspects of the area,occupational safety and health and
energy management;

11- Waste management,optimum consumption of raw materials, resources,the purchase of efficientand usable energy products and services;

12- Ensuring the availability of needed information and resources to control energy consumption in order to achieve the goals and continuous improvement of the performance of the  energy management system;

13- Establishing a well-organized, clean and secure work environment by identifying and controlling all hazards and risks of safety ,health and environmental aspects of the factory and training at all levels of the organization based on the well-organized system of work environment;

To achieve the above mentioned obligations , Saman Gharb Cement Company has executed the Integrated Management System (IMS) according to standards of the quality managemen tsystem ISO 9001:2015,environmenta management system ISO 14001:2015 and occupational safety and health management system OHSAS 18001:2007 as well as energy management system based on standard ISO 50001:2011 and well-organized system of work environment(5S)at all levels , and considers itself consistently committed to its continued effectiveness and improvement.

I , Shahryar Garavandi , with the firm belief and determinationt to implement,maintain and update the above , and the effectiveness of the current management systems of the organization , acknowledge that I am committed , and the employees are to meet and maintain , with fully understanding , the requirements of the standards and the named management systems , and everyone in the company, regardless its organizational position , is to try to improve the company and its goals.