Personal protection methods:

Method of skin protection: avoid contact with wet cement to nonviolence. If contact happened quickly infected area with water and detergent to wash. Long-term contact with wet cement when it happens, the impervious gowns or impervious gloves to prevent skin contact use.
How to protect eyes: when the cement dust on the activities and contact with eyes or clinker can be deformed from the glass with safety glasses or goggles strap use.


For maintenance of cement:

The maximum maintenance time Portland cement cement bags in bulk six months and 3 months. So it must be reset before taking the test case and compliance with the standard.
The necessary precautions in handling, storing and maintenance of:
(A) according to the rules and regulations of transportation (DOT) or (TDG) Portland cement as materials and products are not considered dangerous.
(B) the right to carry the bunker or Kei truck or disposal of cement is used.
(C) the cement to dry in place maintenance can be time consuming.
(D) be maintained in local cement that was not exposed to severe wind and ventilation systems on-site by itself.
(E) of the acts that caused the cement dust is broadcast on the air would be to abstain.
And from breathing dust or skin contact to avoid. Stained clothing to cement dust, remove or tons of clothes that had been contaminated with liquid cement wash before reuse.