The organization's name: Saman Cement Industries
The organization's vision
Various types of clinker and cement manufacture and sale based on the customer and consumption market requirement
The organization's landscape 1n 1393
1.100%preservation of production theoretical capacity of high quality identical to national and universal standards
2.preservation of Iran superior cement exporter epithet
3. being propounded as one of the 2 predominant cement manufacturers among Iranian cement companies
4.being propounded as one of the Iranian qualified cement companies
5.Saman Cement Company in its landscape of 1395 intends to take the consumption of electric energy 105kwh for each ton of cement production, its fossil fuel consumption 750 kcal/kg for each kilogram of clinker production and the dust diffusion from its stacks in a level less than 50mg/nm3 as its objectives.
6.preservation the epithet of Iran's exemplary producer of green industry.
Approved by
Managing director